• THC Marijuana Drug Test Cassette 100 per box

Known throughout for its widespread and rapid abuse, marijuana has quickly become one of the most dangerous drugs’s our future must combat. Abuse has become so frequent, that numerous studies have concluded that nearly 1 in 3 youth’s, under the age of 25, in this day and age, are regular “users” of marijuana. While oversea and abroad, the ratio of use with adults is at an astonishing 1 in 2 people. Standard urine analysis via a Cassette, which tests for a minimum content of 50ng/ml, allows testing for even the least frequent of “users”, often times granting the ability to test the subject in question to see if he’s used marijuana within the last 30 days. It has quickly grown to be the most cost-effective method of testing for marijuana, with less than a 2% margin for error. It’s become a favorite with businessmen, parents, and schools, whether it is used to check your employee’s, for your kids, or in your school’s, it has gained recognition worldwide, and will continue to, due to its success.

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THC Marijuana Drug Test Cassette 100 per box

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