• OPI Opiate Drug Test Cassette 100 per box

Likely the most lethal and addictive drug known to man, opiates have and will continue to be a worldwide epidemic. While this class of the drug varies greatly, whether it be common pharmaceuticals (Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Hydromorphone, or Morphine), to Opium, and Heroin, the standard testing via Cassette, check’s 300 ng/ml, shedding light to even the most trace amounts, and often allowing to see whether the subject were to have even eaten a single pill containing opiates within the last 7-9 days. While unlike other tests, the speed, and intensity of the color produced on the strip is often an indicator of what sorts of opiates the subject has used. A faint, slow line often indicates pharmaceuticals, while a darker, faster line, might suggest at frequent use of pharmaceuticals or even abuse of heroin.

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OPI Opiate Drug Test Cassette 100 per box

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