Saliva Drug Testing Kits

Saliva or oral fluid drug screening test kits are gaining reputation of most convenient drug testing kit between employers and school administrators. In many cases it is welcomed by potential employees who are not afraid of this procedure, because they are sure that they are absolutely drug-free. Oral drug testing could be particularly valuable in circumstances like research of on-the-workplace industrial accident, to conclude not just whether an employee uses drugs but if usage occurred in recent times be a cause of the accident. It is different to most common today urine drug tests; the oral fluid swab drug screening test based on saliva and is a top of the line product. This easy one step accurate test just requires the donor to place the saliva swab drug screen test into the mouth and the administrator to read the test in 5-15 minutes later.


• One-step simple drug screening test assay for 5 or 6 illegal drugs.
• It is really rapid drug test kit convenient for on-site drug screen testing.
• The whole procedure (collection and testing) take not longer than 15 minutes
• Remove gender observation requirements and many other inconveniences.
• No any additional tools or devices required
• Uncomplicated reading of visual drug testing results
• Up to 12 month storage with a room temperature
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Saliva - Oral Fluid Multi Drug Test Kit for 6 Drugs 50 per box

Saliva - Oral Fluid Multi Drug Test Kit for 6 Drugs 50 per box

Saliva multi 6 drug testing kit provides a practical option for schools and businesses looking fo..

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