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The detection of illegal drugs in the workplace has come into the forefront of daily business. Private sector inquiries of illicit drug use has become commonplace. Everyday the news is filled with reports of accidents in the workplace. There is no industry that is safe. More often then not accidents caused by “human error” contain an underlying stigma of drug or alcohol use. The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines an accident as
“any unplanned event that results in personal injury or property damage”. There are literally thousands of accidents in the workplace every day.
Accidents involving school buses, heavy machinery, aircraft and motor vehicles have all had their fair share of investigations resulting in criminal charges for use of drug and alcohol while on duty. Gone are the days when “minor indiscretions” are swept under the rug so as not to embarrass the employee or company. In fact corporations around the globe pride themselves on maintaining a Drug Free Workplace. It is usually page 2 of the employee manual. Gaining a highly qualified employee in today’s competitive market is a victory for any company. That victory can be short lived and expensive if the employee has a substance abuse problem that could have been detected with a simple pre employment test. Further random screening ensures that the employer and employee mutually enjoy the benefits of a drug free atmosphere. When you boil it all down it’s simple. Businesses want to be able to offer their employees and customers the confidence that everyone involved in the daily operation is working in as safe an environment as possible. By providing this security, employers can recruit with confidence the best and the brightest. This will enable them to sell themselves to prospective customers with confidence. Your fiduciary responsibility to your employees, customers shareholders and the public at large mandates you provide a safe work environment.While there are several acceptable specimens that can be obtained, the U.S. Department of Labor guidelines only recognized method of detection is through urine testing. Our one step tests are accurate in detecting 50 ng/ml of THC, the active drug in Marijuana. 50 ng/ml is the common quantitative threshold for Marijuana detection in the workplace.Our alternative testing methods include Hair follicle and Saliva (oral fluid). The high rate of absorption of the root of the follicle makes this method very popular for accuracy in private sector testing.
Saliva testing is highly accurate and responsive for immediate testing for the presence of alcohol or drugs.
When reasonable suspicion exists you need to A.C.T
Controlled specimen
Timeliness of response


Testing for suspected drug use in the work place is an uncomfortable topic for all involved. Whether it is screening a new applicant or randomly testing seasoned employees, it is a difficult subject to bring up to say the least. Businesses today have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure a drug free workplace environment for all of its employees. We take that into consideration with all of the drug test kits we offer. They provide the most up to date technologies available for reliable and timely results within 8 minutes of receiving the sample. Our single drug test kits test for the presence of Marijuana in the body. When smoked or ingested in the body, Marijuana or rather the active drug THC, gives the user a feeling of euphoria. Consequently, it also impairs judgment, reaction times and memory loss. Our Marijuana urine test cassette shows an accurate level of the presence of the THC drug in the system. The U. S. Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy has established a direct link between the users of Marijuana and those who experiment with other drugs such as Cocaine, PCP, Morphine, Methadone and Angel Dust. Many cultures and sub-cultures exist that actively promote the use of these narcotics on a daily basis. Regrettably, some of these users will abuse their drug of choice, and, convincing themselves they are not impaired, get behind the wheel and go to work. Our Multi-Drug test kits accurately and conveniently prove the presence of between 5 and 10 of the most commonly abused narcotics depending on the test kit ordered. They are easy to use, and come complete with step by step instructions and measurement charts to show where the subject has tested positive and for how much.
Our kits are reliable to within 25 ng/ml for the presence of Phencyclidine (PCP) and your results are available within minutes instead of days waiting for a laboratory to get the results back to you.


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