• AMP Amphetamine Drug Test Cassette 100 per box

Gaining unprecedented appeal nationwide in North America with young adults, this class of drug, traditionally known as “uppers” or “speeders”, is becoming a true problem with the future students and scholars of this country and abroad. Known in numerous forms, whether it be pharmaceuticals (Aderol or Riddilin), speed, or what are now outlawed dietary pills, Amphetamine’s have grown as a dependency on much of society, allowing people to work or study for hours on end, followed by indulgence on whims, without the need for rest, often times, completely re-shaping one’s mood and even mindset. The standard Amphetamine Dipstrip test’s for 1000 ng/ml, and has the ability to see if the subject in question has used Amphetamine’s within the last 7-10 days, it’s effectiveness is also a marvel, with a margin of error of less then 1%.

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AMP Amphetamine Drug Test Cassette 100 per box

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