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Since 1996 Medimpex United Inc. has been the leading source for supplying professionals, businesses (B2B) and individuals with the most comprehensive line of simple to use, accurate, rapid reading, diagnostic test kits for drug and alcohol usage detection, fertility ovulation prediction, and early pregnancy test kits to confirm pregnancy. We are a primary wholesale distributor offering the best combination of price and quality in maintaining a comprehensive inventory of the highest quality FDA approved (if needed) home and professional use rapid diagnostic on-site test kits. 
This web site is directed for order quantities of 12-100 tests or more for bulk pricing. 
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We keep the required inventory in our warehouse and most orders placed before 2:00pm (EST) are usually shipped the same day. All of our products must meet the highest standards for ease of collection and accuracy as well as timely tests results. Most of our rapid test kits have an expiration date between 12 to 20 months. Our drug and other test kits are over 95-99% accurate conducted during in-home testing following the simple test instructions. In our catalog we present a wide variety of multi-drug testing kits and single drug detection kits. These easy to use drugs testing kits gather specimens from urine, saliva and hair samples as well as alcohol breath analyzers for immediate and accurate results.
On-site one step drug testing is a very convenient solution for employers, school administrators, sport coaches or parents. We can save you time and money. Laboratory GC/MS confirmation of non-negative drug testing results are available, if required.

We also carry a complete line of ovulation prediction tests for couple trying to start a family. Trying to become pregnant is one of the hardest and most frustrating times for any couple. We carry a variety of tests including cassette, test strip ovulation tests, midstream and our ever popular saliva ovulation predictor. For the woman trying to find out if she is pregnant, we offer a comprehensive line of pregnancy tests available for testing. Our early detection urine pregnancy test kits are completely fast and discrete, it fits in your purse and can be used in the privacy of your home, and most importantly it is precise and easy to read. Our tests come with a 99% accuracy rating when instructions are followed. We offer very reliable early detection tests in a midstream, strip and cassette format. Positive tests need to be followed up with a visit to your health care provider.
We at Medimpex United Inc. are confident that you will find these highest quality exclusive diagnostic testing products to be cost effective, safe, informative and easy to use with the most reliable and accurate results available on the market today. find more about drug testing

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